Atif Aslam Wedding Pictures

1Today is the big day of Atif Aslam’s life. He is getting married to Sara Bharwana. Fans of Atif Aslam are not only limited to Pakistan but the magic of his voice is spread all around the sub-continent and in all those countries where people from sub-continent can be found. Although Atif Aslam himself broke the news on his Facebook page but many did not believe that this is happening. It happened so quick and when it was least expected. Many took the news as a rumour. Many denied the news until and unless the pictures of Mehendi and barat were released. The major reason that is circulating around the fans of Atif Aslam is that Atif Aslam wanted to give a surprise to his fans and secondly he wanted to take his wife with him to UK for his upcoming performances in Birmingham and London on 5th and 7th of April 2013 respectively.

Invitations were sent just a day before the Mehendi and it was limited to very close friends and family members. RJ Ejaz Waris played a pivotal role in breaking the Mehendi, wedding and walima dates. This calmed down the nerves of many fans as they wanted to know when it is going to happen. Some of the Mehendi and wedding ceremony pictures are shared with the fans below. The couple is looking really cute and both look like made for each other. This is a common trend in the showbiz all around the globe that celebrities fall in love with each other, get married and due to their professional obligations, their marriage does not last long. We have witnessed this happening in the past and hope this cute couple does the right things to keep this relationship going for a long time. In the pictures Atif Aslam can be seen performing during his Mehendi ceremony. This shows how happy the couple actually is. May the couple be blessed with long and enduring relationship and let the relationship continue for a lifetime.




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