Boxer Amir Khan’s Wedding

Amir Khan has married his fairytale princess in an exotic ceremony at an historic New York building transformed for the occasion into a scene from the Arabian Nights.

The boy from Bolton who grew into Britain’s youngest Olympic boxing medallist and then a two-time world champion took as his bride the beautiful heiress, student and budding model Faryal Makhdoom.

Amir, 26, made his entry into the grand ballroom at the fabled Waldorf Astoria hotel accompanied by a group of close friends from Lancashire who comprise the core of Khan’s army of travelling fans, all dancing wildly to the beat of drummers.

Faryal, 20, was escorted by her father, a wealthy businessman, and her brother as the great and the good of New York’s Asian community applauded.

The couple dazzled in colour-matching costumes of red, silver and white, heavily encrusted with glittering gems.

Khan’s traditional Pakistani tunic was crowned by a crimson turban.

Miss Makhdoom’s dress was so richly embroidered that it weighed on her petite frame as she climbed the stairs to the stage, there to take her place beside Amir on a silver throne framed by giant golden pillars hung with plush velvet drapes.



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